STREAM Technologies is a globally accredited Bilingual technology center located in San Juan Puerto Rico offering services locally and globally. We have Specialized Programs in "Educational Robotics" and "Videogame Development" with the purpose of expanding knowledge in areas related to robotics, programming, videogames, educational technology, technological assistance, simulators, virtual and argumentative reality within the STREAM (science , technology, robotics, engineering, arts & math).



Tel: 787-455-3274


Offer an innovative education in STREAM along with highlighting game-based learning by developing projects with simulation and multisensory exploration. Strengthening functions that contribute to intellectual capacity with integration to linguistics in conjunction with communicologies. With the aim of developing entrepreneurial professionals, engineers and innovators of our society in well-being and at the forefront of socio-economic and cultural changes worldwide.

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Become an internationally leading institution. Revolutionizing the technology, education and healthcare industries. Exporting quality of service and products of constant innovation.

Along with raising a competitive workforce in resilience evolving multiple industries developing futuristic projects. Eliminating barriers for people with special needs by offering an inclusive environment offering unique opportunities.


Jaloree Lantigua
CEO & Founder