Jaloree Lantigua 


Young businesswoman specializing in robotics, development of video games, assistance technology, and directed speech therapies in assisted and technological robotics applications. Recognized as the "First Outstanding Latina Woman in the STREAM Approach"



Complete a bachelor's degree in Speech-Language Therapy at the Ana G. Méndez University System. He obtained experience and certification in robotics, technology and video game development from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. In addition to completing his certification in Technological Assistance in the Medical Sciences campus. He made his first project called "Autism Summer Camp" a robotics camp for children with severe autism.  



She is the founder of STREAM Technologies programs based on scientific research. Jaloree Lantigua is motivated to innovate in the technological, educational and clinical fields. Do something different that was not standardized, provide unique experiences, Get out of the traditional method and impact Puerto Rico with something new! It was out of this passion that he founded his prestigious company STREAM Technologies LLC.



Complete Professional Certifications in:


-Certified in Technological Assistance (CERTAT)

-Certification in Aquatic Robotics, Radio Control, Autonomous Robotics and Videogames.

- Certification in Tetrix with Prism.

- Certification in Lego EV3.

-Certification in STEM.

-Certification in Autism.

-Certification in CPR and AED.

-Certification in First Aid in Mental Health PAS-M.




-Special Recognition in Public Speaking.

-Educator and Ambassador of CoSpaces Edu (Educational Company in Virtual and Argumentative Reality).




-Programming in "Nods" & "Blocked Based"

-Proposal Writing


-Development of educational programs


CEO & Founder